What if all that stood between you and good health were a few simple changes?

Would you think it was all too easy? That there was some sneaky catch?

Actually, there isn’t.

(And those who tell you it’s complicated are usually trying to sell you an expensive powder, pill or magical hotpants).

I can tell you the secret to good health and fitness right now:

Eat well most of the time, work out smart with the time that you have, focus on sleep, stress reduction and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

The only trick is finding a plan that works for you, and sticking to it.

That’s why I created Coach Cait: It’s seriously simple, smart and sustainable health solutions for busy people.

The Coach Cait approach:

I partner with busy professionals, multitasking moms and everyday people to offer simple wellness advice that works.

What does this look like?

Short, snappy, fun & effective workouts you can do at home.
Food education that will liberate, not limit, you.
Balanced advice that takes into account your unique hormonal, metabolic and lifestyle needs.
The support of a professional network of holistic practitioners. (Sometimes I work together with other experts to help you. That way, all your bases are covered and we get to the bottom of things, fast.)

In short?

Rather than bombarding you with science and extremes, I help you just get on with it. Achieve the body you want, the health you crave and a life you love.

Your coaching options:

You can work with me one-on-one, or as part of my online coaching club. It’s opening to the public soon and helps you get fit, healthy and energized from home. Check it out, below.

Otherwise click here to get in touch about private training options.

What is Complete Coaching with Cait?

I created Complete Coaching with Cait to help busy people get their lives back, their health on track – and a bangin’ body they’re proud of.

Did I mention you can do it from it anywhere in the world? Don’t let location hold you back: I‘ll be watching you closely from the cloud. (Not to creep you out or anything.)

Who’s it for?

Busy corporates. Stressed professionals. Everyday people. Especially if you feel like there’s no time to workout and eat healthy.

I believe in quick, simple and fun fitness, so people without endless hours to spend getting in shape respond super well to my program.

If you’re a:

  • Busy professional
  • High-flying corporate who wants to get shredded under your suit
  • Juggling-10-things-at-once Mom.

I’d love to work with you.

What’s included?

Everything you need to do fitness, health and life – better.

As a Complete Coaching with Cait VIP, you’ll get:

  •  A complimentary consultation call to discuss your goals, nutrition habits, availability to train and other important deets.
  • One 15-minute call per week to review your progress, make suggestions and pow wow. Ask me anything; stay accountable.
  • Open email access to me, Monday – Friday, to ask questions, discuss struggles, challenges or swap cute puppy videos (optional but highly-recommended extra).
  • Customized workout schedule designed specifically for you (including exercise videos demonstrating proper technique), sent each month.
  • Easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines and personalized suggestions to take the stress out of eating.

This is an education and coaching package worth thousands, but I am glad to be able to offer it at a much more affordable investment of $350/month for my online clients.

If you aren’t into being a VIP check out the “just workouts” option:

As an Online Coaching Client you’ll get:

  • A complimentary consultation call to discuss your goals, availability to train and other important deets.
  • Open email access to me, Monday – Friday, to ask questions, discuss struggles and successes. 
  • Customized workout schedule designed specifically for you (including exercise videos demonstrating proper technique), sent each month.

This option is $250/ month. Workout schedule will be discussed during initial phone consult.

Other things to know:

  • I only accept a handful of clients at a time to ensure everyone gets ample Cait time. You’ll get my one-on-one attention, whenever you need it.  
  • Cancellation/refund policy: If you’re not digging the program in the first 14 days simply let me know and I’ll refund you. And before you ask, of course you can keep the recipes 😉
  • This blueprint is guaranteed to get you results… IF you bring the hard work, consistency and enthusiasm. I may be small and kinda cute, but I’m a hardass when I need to be. Accountability is a big part of the program, which means you keep on track and get results. (You’ll thank me later!)

Want to apply to be a member of Complete Coaching with Cait VIP or Online Coaching?

I’m only taking on 3 clients for each program right now. If you’re interested be sure to apply here for a free coaching assessment so we can see if we’re a good fit and get started right away. 

I can’t wait to offer you smart solutions to finally free that fit, healthy and energized person you know is in there.