I’ve always been fit, healthy, training my butt off and eating in ways that nourish me – or so I thought. But after years of leaving restaurants mid-meal because I was sick, waking up at 2am extremely bloated or canceling dinner plans with friends due to nausea, I knew something was up.

I felt unwell most days and wasn’t seeing the results I’d expect from my hard work. Still, I carried on for 2 whole years thinking ‘it’s probably nothing’ before I finally called in the medical detectives. Classic Cait behavior!

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease: an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine, which was secretly undermining my health – even when I thought I was doing everything ‘right’.

Cue a teary goodbye to hot buttered bread rolls, and a warm hello to buckwheat!

Luckily, I love eating just as much as ever and have found satisfying alternatives for all my old favorites.

I’m actually grateful for the diagnosis. Not only has it allowed me to revolutionize my health and start absorbing alllll those nutrients I was missing out on, it’s given me fresh perspective and empathy for people battling similar disorders. It’s a tough journey, but you can heal and – importantly – lead a normal life, complete with delicious food and freedom from symptoms.

There’s a more detailed post here, for any curious gluten-freebies 😉