Oh my goodness. Mike and I have been doing a lot of virtual house hunting this week and I’m mentally exhausted. You can find us on our computers in the library, at a coffee shop, on the couch, in a restaurant..literally anywhere that has wifi. We’ve got to keep going though because homes in Charleston are selling like cray cray. (Yes, we want to move to Charleston!). I’ve decided that in the midst of the computer work and the house hunting we’re going to the gym to give our brains a break. I’m craving a high intensity workout that’ll get us sweaty and burning calories long after we’re finished. 

So what do you say, are you in?!

The Sweaty, Stress-Eliminator:

(Begin with a 5-10 minute warm-up)
1a. 10 Goblet squats 
1b. 10 Push ups
1c. Plank – 30 sec
1d. 10 TRX rows
1e. Walking lunges (with DBs held at sides) – 10 each leg
1f. Rowing machine – 200 meters
*Repeat as many rounds as possible (and pretty!) in 30 minutes
*The weights chosen for this circuit should be as heavy as you can go while still executing the movements with proper form

This should do the job– get a good sweat on and free our heads from anything and everything. Enjoy and let me know how you do!